“Bring Chinese and European companies together with a ‘cut the crap’ mentality.”

Using practical working methods, we assist companies in their Chinese-European business activities. By consulting companies on temporarily basis and transferring specific knowledge, we enable you to successfully continue your activities with or without us.


“To consolidate the European trade mind and Chinese productive economy and culture.”
There are many opportunities between Chinese and European companies, but we often see failures due to barriers in language, culture, agents, and brokers. Dutch4China has the knowledge and experience you need to prosper in your Chinese-European business environment. With the future in mind, our assistance and advice are fundamental links to your company’s chain of successful business activities.


Are you looking to optimise your procurement process or sales path in the Chinese market? Do you want to save money on business costs in China? If so, Match4China is the solution you need. Contact us for more information!

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